Basketball Challenge
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Why sponsor the Melvin T. Blakely Jr. Police and Fireman Basketball Challenge?

The Melvin T. Blakely Jr. Police and Fireman Basketball Challenge is a spectacular event which will enable you to target local, regional and selected markets within the framework of one very exciting and dynamic program. This highly publicized, high-profile event can work for you by drawing your consumers into a unique environment. Throughout our event, your consumer base will have rewarding, exciting and memorable experiences. The consumer will remember his or her pleasurable experience in a distinctively identifiable and controlled environment. As savvy marketers know, when the link is made between enjoyable lifestyle and your product or service, the consumer is sold.

This spectacular event is strong and unique, having the ability to accomplish the following:

  • Capture the attention of special interest target markets
  • Generate and maintain awareness of your product name or service among its market.
  • Develop preference and loyalty for your identity or brand among target consumers.
  • Reinforce your strategies and themes.
  • Generate non-paid media exposure and valuable third-party endorsement opportunities.
  • Create opportunities for incremental sales and product sampling.
  • Provide distributors and retailers a focus for local, regional and possible national grass roots programs.

Sponsorship opportunities and benefits will vary depending on sponsorship package selection. Choose from one of the following:

The Patrons Package

The Silver Sponsor (Event Sponsor)

The Gold Sponsor (Co-Sponsor)

The Platinum Sponsor (Presenting Sponsor)

The Double Platinum Sponsor (Title Sponsor)